Posture canaries I do not claim that the list below is complete or totally accurate. However, I appeal to the open-minded specialists who understand that everyone is not (specialist); far from it! Many breeders have remained amateurs in the purest sense of the term, while others begin. Thank you to each other. For breeders meet there at international level, I had to find an easy way in this "Tower of Babel" that are different names. So I assigned a code number to each form Canarie of posture and each color Canarie, even for song canaries . So whatever the language of the breeder, a breed of canarie will be designated by a unique code which you can find correspondence in each list. Example: assume a breeder breeders search "Belgian canarie" he sees in the list this bird as code "CPCZ125". CPCZ032  A.G.I. lipochrome CPCZ033  A.G.I. melanin CPCZ034  A.G.I. variegated CPCZ125 Belgian Canarie CPCZ009 Belgian Canarie lipochrome CPCZ010 Belgian Canarie melanin CPCZ011 Belgian Canarie variegated CPCZ006 Belgian Canarie white CPCZ007 Belgian Canarie yellow CPCZ008 Belgian Canarie yellow schimmel CPCZ002 Berner CPCZ116 Berner lipochrome CPCZ117 Berner melanin CPCZ118 Berner variegated CPNC003 Border CPNC004 Border intensive lipochrome CPNC104 Border lipochrome CPNC005 Border lipochrome CPNC105 Border melanin CPNC106 Border variegated CPNC067 Bue lizard CPNC143 Crestbred CPNC130 Crestbred lipochrome CPNC131 Crestbred melanin CPNC132 Crestbred variegated CPNC142 Crested CPNC127 Crested lipochrome CPNC128 Crested melanin CPNC129 Crested variegated CPNC139 Fife-fancy CPNC019 Fife-fancy  green schimmel CPNC012 Fife-fancy blue CPNC013 Fife-fancy intensive CPNC107 Fife-fancy lipochrome CPNC108 Fife-fancy melanin CPNC018 Fife-fancy schimmel CPNC109 Fife-fancy variegated CPNC016 Fife-fancy variegated intensive CPNC017 Fife-fancy variegated schimmel CPNC014 Fife-fancy yellow intensive CPNC015 Fife-fancy yellow schimmel CPCZ129 Fiorino CPCZ024 Forino CPCZ020 Forino crested lipochrome CPCZ021 Forino crested melanin CPCZ022 Forino crested variegated CPCZ023 Forino lipochrome CPCZ025 Forino melanin CPCZ126 German crested CPNC093 German crested intensive CPCZ094 German crested lipochrome CPCZ095 German crested melanin CPCZ096 German crested schimmel CPCZ042 Gibber italicus lipochrome CPCZ043 Gibber italicus melanin CPCZ044 Gibber italicus variegated CPNC147 Gloster CPNC048 Gloster consort CPNC051 Gloster consort 1/4 variegated CPNC050 Gloster consort cinnamon CPNC053 Gloster consort green CPNC054 Gloster consort green 1/2  variegated CPNC136 Gloster consort lipochrome CPNC137 Gloster consort melanin CPNC138 Gloster consort variegated CPNC052 Gloster consort variegated > 3/4 green CPNC049 Gloster consort white CPNC056 Gloster corona cinnamon CPNC059 Gloster corona green CPNC060 Gloster corona green 1/2  variegated CPNC133 Gloster corona lipochrome CPNC134 Gloster corona melanin CPNC135 Gloster corona variegated CPNC058 Gloster corona variegated >3/4 green CPNC055 Gloster corona white CPNC057 Gloster corona yellow 1/4 variegated CPCZ069 Golden lizard CPCZ068 Golden lizard clearcap CPNC141 Irish-fancy CPNC146 Irish-fancy  variegated CPNC144 Irish-fancy lipochrome CPNC145 Irish-fancy melanin CPCZ061 Japan hoso CPCZ064 Japan hoso  variegated CPCZ062 Japan hoso lipochrome CPCZ063 Japan hoso melanin CPNC150 Lancashire CPNC126 Lancashire CPNC125 Lancashire crested CPNC149 Lizard CPCZ131 Mehringer CPCZ071 Mehringer lipochrome CPCZ102 Mehringer melanin CPCZ103 Mehringer variegated CPCZ072 Melado Tinerfeño lipochrome CPCZ073 Melado Tinerfeño melanin CPCZ074 Melado Tinerfeño variegated CPCZ035 Milanese frill CPCZ136 Münchener CPCZ075 Münchener lipochrome CPCZ076 Münchener melanin CPCZ077 Münchener variegated CPCZ128 North dutch frill CPCZ026 North dutch frill CPCZ028 North dutch frill lipochrome CPCZ029 North dutch frill melanin CPCZ030 North dutch frill variegated CPCZ027 North dutch frill yellow CPNC148 Norwich CPNC110 Norwich lipochrome CPNC111 Norwich melanin CPNC112 Norwich variegated CPCZ132 Paduan CPCZ078 Paduan crested lipochrome CPCZ079 Paduan crested melanin CPCZ080 Paduan crested variegated CPCZ081 Paduan not crested lipochrome CPCZ083 Paduan not crested variegated CPCZ127 Parisian frill CPCZ036 Parisian frill lipochrome CPCZ037 Parisian frill melanin CPCZ038 Parisian frill variegated CPCZ001 Portuguese harlequin CPCZ134 Rheinlander CPCZ090 Rheinlander crested CPCZ091 Rheinlander not crested CPNC092 Scotch-fancy lipochrome CPNC103 Scotch-fancy melanin CPNC102 Scotch-fancy variegated CPNC140 Scoth-fancy CPNC066 Silver lizard CPCZ065 Silver lizard clearcap CPCZ031 South dutch frill lipochrome CPCZ104 South dutch frill melanin CPCZ105 South dutch frill variegated CPCZ133 Spanish breed CPCZ121 Spanish breed lipochrome CPCZ084 Spanish breed lipochrome intensive CPCZ085 Spanish breed lipochrome schimmel CPCZ086 Spanish breed melanin CPCZ087 Spanish breed melanin intensive CPCZ089 Spanish breed schimmel CPCZ088 Spanish breed variegated CPCZ130 Spanish giboso CPCZ045 Spanish giboso lipochrome CPCZ046 Spanish giboso melanin CPCZ047 Spanish giboso variegated CPCZ135 Spanish Llarget CPCZ070 Spanish Llarget lipochrome CPCZ119 Spanish Llarget melanin CPCZ120 Spanish Llarget variegated CPCZ039 Swiss frill lipochrome CPCZ040 Swiss frill melanin CPCZ041 Swiss frill variegated CPNC151 Yorkshire CPNC113 Yorkshire lipochrome CPNC098 Yorkshire lipochrome schimmel CPNC114 Yorkshire melanin CPNC099 Yorkshire melanin intensive CPNC100 Yorkshire melanin schimmel CPNC115 Yorkshire variegated CPNC101 Yorkshire variegated schimmel CPNC097 Yorkshire yellow intensive