Color canaries I do not claim that the list below is complete or totally accurate. However, I appeal to the open-minded specialists who understand that everyone is not (specialist); far from it! Many breeders have remained amateurs in the purest sense of the term, while others begin. Thank you to each other. For breeders meet there at international level, I had to find an easy way in this "Tower of Babel" that are different names. So I assigned a code number to each form Canarie of posture and each color Canarie, even for song canaries . So whatever the language of the breeder, a breed of canarie will be designated by a unique code which you can find correspondence in each list. Example: assume a breeder breeders search "Belgian canarie" he sees in the list this bird as code "CPCZ125". CCKK300 Agate CCKK020 Albino CCNK170 Cobalt CCKK002 Dominant White Agate CCKK071 Dominant White Black CCKK031 Dominant White Brown CCNK200 Konyx White Black CCNK201 Konyx Yellow Black CCKK065 Lutino CCKK066 Mosaic Lutino CCKK067 Mosaic Lutino T1 CCNK204 Mosaic Onyx Red Black T2 CCNK203 Mosaic Onyx Yellow Black T2 CCKK083 Mosaic Red CCKK011 Mosaic Red Agate CCNK106 Mosaic Red Agate Eumo CCNK109 Mosaic Red Agate Onyx CCNK116 Mosaic Red Agate Opal CCNK117 Mosaic Red Agate Opal T2 CCNK126 Mosaic Red Agate Pastel T2 CCKK012 Mosaic Red Agate T1 CCKK013 Mosaic Red Agate T2 CCNK131 Mosaic Red Agate Topaz T1 CCNK132 Mosaic Red Agate Topaz T2 CCNK209 Mosaic Red Black Opal CCKK078 Mosaic Red Black T1 CCKK079 Mosaic Red Black T2 CCKK041 Mosaic Red Brown CCNK158 Mosaic Red Brown Opal T2 CCNK164 Mosaic Red Brown Pastel CCNK143 Mosaic Red Brown Pastel T1 CCNK165 Mosaic Red Brown Pastel T2 CCKK042 Mosaic Red Brown T1 CCKK043 Mosaic Red Brown T2 CCKK057 Mosaic Red Isabel T2 CCNK238 Mosaic Red Ivory Phaeo T2 CCKK082 Mosaic Red Ivory T2 CCKK307 Mosaic Red lipochrome CCNK239 Mosaic Red Phaeo CCNK240 Mosaic Red Phaeo T2 CCNK257 Mosaic Red Satinette T2 CCKK085 Mosaic Red T2 CCKK033 Mosaic White Brown CCKK304 Mosaic Yellow  lipochrome CCKK005 Mosaic Yellow Agate CCNK102 Mosaic Yellow Agate Eumo CCNK103 Mosaic Yellow Agate Eumo T1 CCNK104 Mosaic Yellow Agate Eumo T2 CCNK112 Mosaic Yellow Agate Opal CCNK113 Mosaic Yellow Agate Opal T1 CCNK114 Mosaic Yellow Agate Opal T2 CCNK121 Mosaic Yellow Agate Pastel CCNK122 Mosaic Yellow Agate Pastel T1 CCNK123 Mosaic Yellow Agate Pastel T2 CCKK006 Mosaic Yellow Agate T1 CCKK007 Mosaic Yellow Agate T2 CCNK128 Mosaic Yellow Agate Topaz T1 CCNK129 Mosaic Yellow Agate Topaz T2 CCKK074 Mosaic Yellow Black CCKK075 Mosaic Yellow Black T1 CCKK076 Mosaic Yellow Black T2 CCNK154 Mosaic Yellow Brown Opal CCNK155 Mosaic Yellow Brown Opal T1 CCNK156 Mosaic Yellow Brown Opal T2 CCNK162 Mosaic Yellow Brown Pastel CCKK036 Mosaic Yellow Brown T1 CCKK037 Mosaic Yellow Brown T2 CCKK052 Mosaic Yellow Isabel CCKK053 Mosaic Yellow Isabel T1 CCKK054 Mosaic Yellow Isabel T2 CCKK004 Mosaic Yellow Ivory Agate CCNK190 Mosaic Yellow Ivory Black Opal T1 CCNK191 Mosaic Yellow Ivory Black Opal T2 CCNK233 Mosaic Yellow Phaeo CCNK252 Mosaic Yellow Satinette CCNK253 Mosaic Yellow Satinette T1 CCNK254 Mosaic Yellow Satinette T2 CCKK062 Mosaic Yellow T1 CCNK261 Mosaic Yellow Topaz CCKK084 MosaicR ed T1 CCNK220 Onyx CCNK202 Onyx White Black CCNK302 Opal CCNK303 Pastel CCKK021 Recessive Albino CCKK026 Recessive White CCKK032 Recessive White Brown CCKK080 Red CCKK008 Red Agate CCNK105 Red Agate Eumo CCNK115 Red Agate Opal CCNK124 Red Agate Pastel CCNK130 Red Agate Topaz CCKK077 Red Black CCNK193 Red Black Cobalt CCNK197 Red Black Eumo CCNK208 Red Black Opal CCNK216 Red Black Topaz CCKK038 Red Brown CCNK141 Red Brown Cobalt CCNK146 Red Brown Eumo CCNK157 Red Brown Opal CCNK301 Red Cobalt Agate CCKK055 Red Isabel CCNK181 Red Isabel Pastel CCKK081 Red Ivory CCKK009 Red Ivory Agate CCNK125 Red Ivory Agate Pastel CCKK010 Red Ivory Agate Pastel CCKK039 Red Ivory Brown CCNK147 Red Ivory Brown Eumo CCNK163 Red Ivory Brown Pastel CCKK056 Red Ivory Isabel CCNK182 Red Ivory Isabel Pastel CCNK237 Red Ivory Phaeo CCNK256 Red Ivory Satinette CCKK305 Red lipochrome CCKK306 Red lipochrome Ivory CCNK236 Red Phaeo CCNK255 Red Satinette CCKK090 Rubino CCKK091 Rubino  Ivory CCNK304 Satinette CCNK305 Topaz CCKK025 White CCKK001 White Agate CCNK100 White Agate Eumo CCNK107 White Agate Onyx CCNK108 White Agate Opal CCNK118 White Agate Pastel CCNK127 White Agate Topaz CCKK070 White Black CCNK194 White Black azul CCKK072 White Black Cobalt CCNK195 White Black Eumo CCNK198 White Black Jaspe CCNK205 White Black Opal CCNK212 White Black Pastel CCNK210 White Black Pastel Greywing CCNK215 White Black Topaz CCKK030 White Brown CCNK144 White Brown Eumo CCNK149 White Brown Onyx CCNK151 White Brown Opal CCNK159 White Brown Pastel CCNK234 White Brown Phaeo CCNK135 White Greywing CCKK050 White Isabel CCNK225 White Opal CCNK230 White Phaeo CCNK250 White Satinette CCNK260 WhiteTopaz CCKK060 Yellow CCKK003 Yellow Agate CCNK101 Yellow Agate Eumo CCNK110 Yellow Agate Opal CCNK119 Yellow Agate Pastel CCKK073 Yellow Black CCNK192 Yellow Black Cobalt CCNK196 Yellow Black Eumo CCNK199 Yellow Black Jaspe CCNK206 Yellow Black Opal CCNK213 Yellow Black Pastel CCNK211 Yellow Black Pastel Greywing CCKK034 Yellow Brown CCNK140 Yellow Brown Cobalt CCNK145 Yellow Brown Eumo CCNK150 Yellow Brown Onyx CCNK152 Yellow Brown Opal CCNK160 Yellow Brown Pastel CCNK235 Yellow Brown Phaeo CCKK051 Yellow Isabel CCNK180 Yellow Isabel Pastel CCKK061 Yellow Ivory CCNK111 Yellow Ivory Agate Opal CCNK120 Yellow Ivory Agate Pastel CCNK207 Yellow Ivory Black Opal CCNK214 Yellow Ivory Black Pastel CCKK035 Yellow Ivory Brown CCNK153 Yellow Ivory Brown Opal CCNK161 Yellow Ivory Brown Pastel CCNK232 Yellow Ivory Phaeo CCNK148 Yellow Jaspe Brown CCKK302 Yellow lipochrome CCKK303 Yellow lipochrome Ivory CCNK226 Yellow Opal CCNK231 Yellow Phaeo CCNK251 Yellow Satinette