Song canaries I do not claim that the list below is complete or totally accurate. However, I appeal to the open-minded specialists who understand that everyone is not (specialist); far from it! Many breeders have remained amateurs in the purest sense of the term, while others begin. Thank you to each other. For breeders meet there at international level, I had to find an easy way in this "Tower of Babel" that are different names. So I assigned a code number to each form Canarie of posture and each color Canarie, even for song canaries . So whatever the language of the breeder, a breed of canarie will be designated by a unique code which you can find correspondence in each list. Example: assume a breeder breeders search "Harz" he sees in the list this bird as code "ZAKA015". ZAKA015 Harz ZAKA010 Malinois ZAKA005 Waterslager ZAKA001 Timbrados