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 This unpretentious website was created by a disinterested one, you will want to excuse the imperfections. • Registration is free! • Each entry is present as long as the amateur wishes. • To see the mention appears just send an email to the webmaster at the following address: • The email will include the full name of the breeder, his federation (if affiliated), the number of full membership, its complete and valid email address (sine qua non condition), and finally the list of species that he raises (Latin ts imperative for a better understanding across borders). • If the amateur has a website or blog, he may request that its Internet address appears.  He has the right to do erase his mention at any moment. • When transmitting its coordinates, amateur discharge the creator of this site from any liability which it may be. • The webmaster reserves the right to include or not to include in each case.
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Did you know?  Europe has lost (brace yourself) more of  420 million of wild birds  over the last thirty years ...  Maddening is not it!  Culprit: human species.